What Are Tokyo Negi Onions?


Tokyo Negi onions are readily distinguished by their hallow tubular green tops and long and sleek snow white elongated stems which never form bulbs. The Tokyo Negi onions just an essence of an onion bite; their flavor is mild, savory and sweet.

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Current Facts

The Tokyo Negi onion’s name is derived simply for its culinary popularity within the Tokyo region. The scientific name for negi is Allium fistulosum, and it is also known as the naga negi.


You can use Tokyo Negi onions as you would green onions, scallions and even leeks. They are mild enough to eat raw, well textured enough for withstanding long cooking periods. They are perfect for classic winter recipes such as pot pies, onion tarts and hearty soups. Tokyo Negi onions are a great salad or pizza ingredient, are easily sautéed with olive oil or butter and added to potato dishes from pan fried fingerlings, mashed or gratins. Tokyo Negi onions can also be blanched, then grilled to impart smokiness. They pair well with cream sauces such as béchamel, cheeses, especially goat, cheddar and aged sheep’s cheese, grilled and smoked white fish, apples, bright hers such as basil and parsley, root vegetables such as turnips and beets, tomatoes, fermented soy and light bodied vinegars.

Ethnic/Cultural Info

Tokyo Negi is most often used for Nabemono (one pot dishes) and Kushiyaki,a traditional non-meat yakitori style preparation, both dishes specific to Japanese cuisine.


The Tokyo Negi is a perennial allium native to Siberia and Northwestern China though it is primarily grown in Japan. Its growth is vigorous in the Spring and Autumn and it goes dormant during the Winter and Summer months. This onion variety is rarely grown outside of Japan but it is becoming a specialty onion variety throughout regions within California and Hawaii with higher Asian populations.





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