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Cold Summer Ramen and Delicious Somen Recipes

Somen are the thinnest of all Japanese dried noodles, just over 1 mm wide. They are white, and round (as opposed to flattened.) They are sold dried, not fresh. They are a summer favourite in Japan for basing light meals on. The traditional areas of production is Harima Province. The dough is made from wheat…

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How To Prepare Dried Shiitake Mushrooms

Credit: Step 1 Cover the mushrooms in boiling water. Cover with plastic wrap to stop heat escaping. Soak for 20 minutes. Jeremy Simons Step 2 The mushrooms should almost double in size. Drain. Strain the liquid and use in stocks and soups. Jeremy Simons Step 3 Discard the stems – they’re too tough to eat.…

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The Ultimate Sushi Rice is Koshihikariコシヒカリ

Koshihikari is a popular variety of rice cultivated in Japan as well as Australia and the United States. Koshihikari was first created in 1956, by combining 2 different strains of Nourin No.1 and Nourin No.22 at the Fukui Prefectural Agricultural Research Facility. It has become very popular now in Japan, in part due to its good appearance. It is one of the most highly grown varieties of rice in the country,…

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10 Delicious Summertime Matcha Desserts

Matcha recipes are endless! We gathered some great matcha recipes for you to be inspired by this summer. From ice cream to pie to lattes and smoothie bowls, you have to try at least one recipe at home. Tensuke Market has all the best premium matcha all your creative cooking at home. Check out our…

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History of Pocky

In 1922, Japanese company Ezaki Glico Co., Ltd. launched its fortified Glico caramel in a distinctive red box. Forty-four years later, Ezaki Glico released a new product into their family of fine foods—a chocolate-coated, pretzel-like cookie stick. Inspired by the Japanese onomatopoeia for the snapping sound made while eating these crispy sticks, they named their…

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Produce Guide: Satsumaimo Japanese Yam + Recipes

Yams or “Satsuma Imo” were first introduced to Japan in the Ryukyu Islands (Okinawa) in 1604 by the Chinese. They were then introduced in Kyushu in 1609, an area that grows 80% of the total Japanese production. Sweet potatoes should not be confused with yams or yama imo/山芋 in Japanese. They have been recognized in…

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Secrets of the Kewpie Mayonnaise Bottle

Birth of KEWPIE Mayonnaise Founder: Toichiro Nakashima Aspiring to create a brand everyone loves, founder Toichiro Nakashima named the nourishing condiment “KEWPIE Mayonnaise”, with the hope of improving physique of Japanese people. In 1925 when Nakashima launched Japan’s first mayonnaise, he used twice as much egg yolk as imported mayonnaise of that time. This was…

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What is Nata de Coco??

Nata de coco (also marketed as “coconut gel”) is a chewy, translucent, jelly-like food produced by the fermentation of coconut water, which gels through the production of microbial cellulose by Acetobacter xylinum. Originating in the Philippines, nata de coco is most commonly sweetened as a candy or dessert, and can accompany a variety of foods,…

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Naan Salad Pizza by Kewpie USA

Recipe and image from Kewpie USA. Tensuke Market & Sushi Cafe carries an array of Kewpie USA products. During the spring months, we are always looking for simple recipes with fresh ingredients. This is a fun recipe perfect for any occasion using our favorite mayonnaise, Kewpie! NAAN SALAD PIZZA Layers of flavor and aroma, pancetta,…

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Citrus Hazelnut Salad with Kikkoman USA

Recipe and image taken from Kikkoman USA. Tensuke Market & Sushi Cafe carries an array of Kikkoman products. When you think of Kikkoman soy sauce, you automatically might think of Asian-style recipes. For spring, Tensuke Market & Sushi Cafe will share some fresh recipes from the brands we proudly carry, like Kikkoman. Check out the…

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